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uxColor Explained Video (1:33)

The amount of numerical data
today is overwhelming.

uxColor is not just intuitive,
it’s instinctive.

Patterns become visible flows in a color field.
Trend changes, outliers, unusual values,
the aha moments in your data,
stand out in the color field.

Make sense out of millions of numbers
or monitor metrics in a single image.

Any type of numerical data.
Across industries and applications.
Anywhere numerical data drives key decisions.
We have had 3,000,000 numbers on a visualization wall.
The insights were immediate.

Visualization is only part of our story.

Once you have uxColor’s capabilities,
you can do remarkable things,
with patterns, math and statistics,
sorting for change, and the
other tools in uxColor.

Chart Patterns in our uxMarketFlow Product


State-of-the-art pattern matching.

Take patterns occurring today,
uxColor will find similar points in time
so you will know what to look for tomorrow.

Take patterns from history,
uxColor will monitor for them occurring today
and alert you when history is about to repeat itself.

Know when the normal
pattern state is changing
and be ready for an unusual event.

uxColor products.
The leading edge of visual analytics.

uxMarketFlow for stock traders.
uxTrendSight to link any data into uxColor maps.
The uxColorWidget to deliver uxColor in browsers.
Or license uxColor technology and give
your products a competitive advantage.

A Revolution in Data Visualization & Analytics.

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