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  • We are the inventors of uxColor.
    Data visualization for the 21st Century.

  • Patented uxColor turns
    numbers into easy to read color maps.

  • Patterns in the numbers
    appear as flows in the color field.

  • A change in trends is clear.
    Unusual events and outliers are easy to spot.

  • Whether making sense
    out of millions of numbers,

  • Monitoring systems
    for a change in trends,

  • Or watching a small
    set of metrics for unusual events,

  • uxColor brings you
    a new world of knowledge.

uxColor Brings you a New Level of Power

Whether dealing with millions of numbers or monitoring a few benchmark metrics,
uxColor brings you a new level of knowledge.

A Revolution in Data Visualization

uxColor represents numbers with colors.  Patterns, commonality, differences become clear. Too many numbers? Too much data? uxColor is the solution. Visualize millions of data points. Monitor a few benchmark metrics in a single image. See changes, spot the unusual pattern in time to take action.  A new world of analytics.

uxColor Products and Services

The leading edge in visualizing numerical data.

    • Patented data visualization
      • Numbers are shown in color maps.
      • Patterns in numbers are flows in the color field.
      • Trend changes are clear and outliers easy to spot.
    • “uxColor Custom” for any data
      • Link any data into uxColor maps.
      • No special resources, flat files to distributed Hadoop.
      • Bring your analysts the state of the art in data visualization.
    • License the technology
      • Bring powerful new tools to your end users.
      • Open a new world of monitoring and analytics.
      • Differentiate your website, application, or product.
    • “uxColor Finance” with a catalog of data
      • Bring a new arsenal of tools to your trading strategy.
      • Price and volume data for tens of thousands of instruments.
      • Backtest technical indicators in our unique Doppler Data mapsTM.
  • uxColorTM Custom for analysts, big data, process control

    • Link any data source to uxColor maps
      • Flat files, data tables, distributed Hadoop.
      • Easy to set up, no special resources required.
      • Marketing, healthcare, process control, sentiment, or other.
    • Monitor a process or analyze a program
      • Monitor a few to thousands of indicators.
      • Learn from patterns in history or monitor real-time.
      • See the change in trend or spot the event in time to take action.
    • Set alerts, pattern matching
      • Monitor and detect trend change.
      • Pattern match for known risk events.
      • uxColor allows a new world of analytics.
  • uxMarketFlow for traders, managers, analysts, investors

    • Tens of thousands of instruments
      • Price and volume across asset types and nations.
      • Daily and intraday, 15+ years and 30 second intervals.
      • Stocks, funds, commodities, currencies, money, and more.
    • Trends are clear and outliers easy to spot
      • Current trends in local or long-term contexts.
      • Vertical color bands indicate commonality in time.
      • Horizontal bands indicate the commonality within groups.
    • Prospect the globe
      • Watchlists or fund portfolios.
      • See the diversification or spot the outliers.
      • Common and preferred stocks from fifteen nations.
    • Watch an industry or few instruments
      • New technical indicators in our Doppler Data mapsTM.
      • Trading signals appear as flows in the color field.
      • Easy to use backtest to evaluate different strategies.
  • uxColor uxWidgetTM and uxMarketTrackerTM

    • Internet and Intranet use
      • The uxWidget is a web-served browser version of uxColor.
      • uxMarketTracker is the widget configured with finance data.
      • You can license either for your website, Intranet, or application.
    • Software
      • A subset of full uxColor functionality.
      • Change the data maps or update data during the day.
      • Change the color spectrum, color window context, sort to change.
    • Data
      • Access databases and distributed tables.
      • Data can be local, on the Internet, on your servers.
      • Any numerical data: finance, marketing, social media, or other.
  • uxColor

  • uxColor
    Custom Products

  • uxColor
    Finance Products

  • uxColor

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  • Sales and licensing

    • uxMarketFlow products are available under group and site licenses.
    • The uxMarketTracker is available to embed on websites.
    • For individual licenses see our Subscribe page.
    • You can license uxColor technology for websites or applications.
    • Special pricing arrangements for micro-business, non-profits, research, and students.
    • Email Describe the application and circumstances.
    • Or call USA 913 608 9033
  • IAC, LLC — Our Company

    IAC, LLC is the parent company of uxColor. We specialize in data visualization, analytics utilizing uxColor displays, pattern matching, trend detection, and risk monitoring tools. We do custom installations and adaptations of our technologies.

    IAC, LLC
    4201 W. 68th Terr.
    Prairie Village, Kansas
    USA 66208
    Voice: USA 913 608 9033

    Meet our Development and Management Teams.

    If you have unresolved problems or want to work or partner with us,
    contact our CEO Office

  • Press Contact

    • Chuck Dehner, uxColor CEO
    • Twitter: @uxColorData
    • Email
    • 913.608.9033

    If you are interested in uxColor, uxMarketFlow, or IAC, our parent company, we would be happy to provide details, set up demonstrations, or set up interviews with the product team.

    Meet our Development and Management Team.

  • We are seeking partners in these areas:

    • Other data types — uxColor in different fields.
    • Finance traders — work with us as we bring up a new world of technical indicators.
    • Finance nation specialists — help us build focused versions for other markets.
    • Marketing, sales, and installation — sell or install our products.
    • Programming — program with our team.
    • If you have other thoughts let us know. We use remote access technology to work together.
    If you are interested contact our CEO office
  • uxMarketFlow subscribers:

    To change your subscription or information, Login at the top right of the page.

    To contact us


    Telephone USA 913 608 9033

  • Sales and Licensing
  • Company, Team, CEO Office
  • Press Room
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