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  • uxColorTM
    Visualization and analytics for the 21st Century.

  • uxColor turns numbers into
    easy to read color images.

  • In seconds see the
    insights hidden in your data.

  • Whether you are working with millions of numbers
    or monitoring a few key metrics,

  • uxColor will bring you
    a new world of knowledge.

The amount of numerical data
available these days can be overwhelming.

You have a solution.

Your eyes have evolved
to distinguish colors and patterns.

With uxColor you can use this ability to
process numerical data
at an unprecedented speed and scale.

This is a uxColor data map.
A relatively small map, just over 37,000 numbers in view.
Daily stock price close over a year for 147 stocks.
Each row is a stock and the columns are days.
In effect, the data from 147 line graphs simultaneously.

How does it work?

Colors are assigned based on the size of a number relative
to its range of values over the uxColor Window time.
The map above has a one year Color Window.
The palette in the dashboard indicates
green represents relative high and red low values.
In a one year Color Window and this spectrum,
green are yearly highs and red yearly lows.
Whether you are working with massive
amounts of data or monitoring a few key metrics,
uxColor enables you to immediately see the trends,
to spot change and unusual events,
to discover the true insights hidden in your data.
The heat map is the standard approach in color mapping.
But heat maps have a problem with data in different scales.
This heat map of the same data shows the problem.
A loss of information value.

Chipotle’s relatively high price,
the white line in the center, skews the color distribution.
This is why you never see a heat map of stock prices over time.

uxColor solves the problem.

Here again is the same data in a uxColor map.
Information value is back.
This result is why uxColor received a patent.

A new type of knowledge is created.

Patterns in the numbers
appear as flows in the color field.

Vertical color bands show commonality in time.

Horizontal bands show commonality in groups.
The map is sorted by Industry Groups.

Outliers and unusual values stand out in the color field.

With uxColor you can monitor
a system and immediately spot a trend change.
Spot the unusual event in time to take action.
Statistics compress information value.
uxColor expands it.

Working with big data?

With uxColor you can make sense out of millions of numbers.
If you have the monitor space, you can see the relationships
and patterns across massive amounts of data. We’ve had
3,000,000 data points on a visualization wall.
The insights were immediate.

Want to know more about patterns in your data?

With uxColor you can sort
and separate the patterns.

Looking for a specific pattern?

A stock trader looking for a chart pattern?
With uxColor, you can search for patterns across
thousands of instruments in seconds.

Are you a retail analyst looking for products that trend together?
Are you looking for products in a certain life cycle stage?
uxColor will find them for you in visual detail,
in seconds.
Create your own unique pattern
and uxColor will find it for you.
Take patterns today
and uxColor will find similar points in time.
Take patterns from history,
known risk patterns and events,
and uxColor will monitor for them occurring today.
Aerial views from uxColor are powerful,
but you also need a microscope to see small changes early,
in time to take action.

So we invented Data DopplerTM.

It opens a new world of statistics and technical indicators.

uxColor can work with any type of numerical data.

Retail sales, stock prices, social media.
Observations on network errors, power output from wind turbines.
Number of occurrences of a medical diagnosis, traffic counts.
Process control metrics, research, any data.

What about other types of charts and graphs?
Standard technical indicators?
What about our business data?

Sure, we have the common visual tools. Line graphs,
histograms, bubble charts, pie charts, and the rest.
And we have the standard technical indicators for finance.
And you can easily hook any data into uxColor maps.

But first we wanted to show you what no one else has.

Patented uxColor
A Revolution in Data Visualization and Analytics

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    IAC, LLC is the parent company of uxColor. We specialize in data visualization, analytics utilizing uxColor displays, pattern matching, trend detection, and risk monitoring tools. We do custom installations and adaptations of our technologies.

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    Meet our Development and Management Team.

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