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  • uxColorTM
    Visualization and analytics for the 21st Century.

  • uxColor turns numbers into
    easy to read color images.

  • In seconds see the
    insights hidden in your data.

  • Whether you are working with millions of numbers
    or monitoring a few key metrics,

  • uxColor will bring you
    a new world of knowledge.

The amount of numerical data
available these days can be overwhelming.

Put it together with some powerful mathematics
and programming and you have uxColor.

A revolution in data visualization.

Whether you are working with massive
amounts of data or monitoring a few key metrics,
uxColor enables you to immediately see trends,
to spot change and unusual events,
to discover true insights hidden in your data.

A new type of knowledge is created.
Patterns in the numbers appear as
flows in the color field.

Commonality, difference, a change in trends
all become clear in the color field.

Be at the forefront of visual analytics.

Subscribe to uxColorMarketFlow,
put your own data in uxColorTrendSight,
use the browser based uxColorWidget,
or license uxColor technology and
gain a first mover competitive advantage.

Working with big data?

With uxColor you can make sense out of millions of numbers.
If you have the monitor space, you can see the relationships
and patterns across massive amounts of data. We’ve had
3,000,000 data points on a visualization wall.
The insights were immediate.

uxColor brings you the state of the art
in pattern matching tools.

Create your own unique pattern
and uxColor will find it for you.

Take patterns occurring today
and uxColor will find similar points in time.

Take patterns from history,
known risk patterns and events,
and uxColor will monitor for them occurring today.

And a whole lot more.
Want to focus on a few time series?
Trade in just a few financial instruments?

Aerial views from uxColor are powerful,
but you also need a microscope to see small changes early,
before you hear about them in the news,
in time to take the first action, so . . .

uxColor can work with any type of numerical data.

Retail sales, stock prices, social media.
Observations on network errors, power output from wind turbines.
Number of occurrences of a medical diagnosis, traffic counts.
Process control metrics, research, any data.

What about other types of charts and graphs?
Standard technical indicators?
What about our business data?

Sure, we have line graphs and are adding,
histograms, more technical indicators for finance,
other pattern matching, and new statistical tools.
And you can easily hook any data into uxColor maps.

First, we wanted you to have
what no one else has.

Patented uxColorTM.
A Revolution in Data Visualization and Analytics.

To see some of the things you can do with uxColor
scan uxColorMarketFlow capabilities, or
A Survey of uxColor Controls.
Both will step through illustrated examples of uxColor in action.

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  • Sales and licensing

    • uxColorMarketFlow products are available under group and site licenses.
    • The uxColorWidget is available to embed on websites.
    • For uxColorMarketFlow licenses see our Subscribe page.
    • You can license uxColor technology for websites or applications.
    • Special pricing for micro-business, non-profits, research, and students.
    • Email Describe the application and circumstances.
    • Or call 1 913 608 9033
  • Product reports and requests

  • IAC, LLC — Our Company

    IAC, LLC is the parent company of uxColor. We specialize in data visualization, analytics utilizing uxColor displays, pattern matching, trend detection, and risk monitoring tools. We do custom installations and adaptations of our technologies.

    IAC, LLC
    4201 W. 68th Terr.
    Prairie Village, Kansas
    USA 66208
    Voice: 1 913 608 9033

    Meet our Development and Management Team

    If you have unresolved problems or want to work or partner with us,
    contact our CEO Office

  • Press Contact

    • Chuck Dehner, uxColor
    • Email
    • 1 913.608.9033

    If you are interested in uxColor, uxColorMarketFlow, or IAC, our parent company, we would be happy to provide details, set up demonstrations, or set up interviews with the product team.

    Meet our Development and Management Team.

  • We are seeking partners in these areas:

    • Other data types — uxColor in different fields.
    • Finance traders — work with us to develop uxColorMarketFlow and technical indicators.
    • Finance country specialists — help us build focused versions for other markets.
    • Marketing, sales, and installation — sell or install our products.
    • Programming — program with our team.
    • If you have other ideas let us know!
    If you are interested contact our CEO office
  • uxColorMarketFlow subscribers:

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    To contact us


    Telephone 1 913 608 9033

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