uxColor Interlace maps are independent objects in their own frames.

Your data across processes or products. Our finance data from exchanges around the globe.

Color, sorting, math controls, and much more.

Welcome to uxColor and uxMarketFlow

Anywhere there is Big Data, uxColor can add value.
It brings you a new type of knowledge.
Click here for an Introduction to uxColor

Similarity across a market or process.

Outliers in groups or industries.

The unusual jumps out in the color field.

Your Custom Data or Our Finance Data

Mine your data, find the insights it contains.
See the trends and spot the outliers. Sort to a target pattern.
uxColor can make sense out of millions of data points.
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Use different color spectrums to highlight areas of data.

Control the color mapping function to reveal hidden insights.

Compare variables and indicators.

Visualize the Commonality and Differences

Visualize massive amounts of data in seconds or study patterns in detail.
uxColor is "Fast Knowledge".
Click here to open the case study: "SP100 in Review 02/07/2014"

Trends within groups.

Trends within a process or market.

Trends over time become clear.

Finance - securities across the globe

From the Dow Jones 65 to thousands of penny stocks. Our uxMarketFlow products bring you price and volume maps for stocks, ETFs, commodities, money market instruments, currencies, and more.
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Exchanges around the globe.

The G7 and more.

The top 200 - 500 by market cap.

International Finance - 15 nations

In just a few minutes you will know the trends and the depth of patterns across asset types and markets around the globe. Not just an index view, but details at the individual instrument level.
Click here to open the case study: "World in Review 02/07/2014"

See the current day relative to a one month, one quarter, one year, or longer context.

Monitor US stock and ETF maps throughout the trading day.

Sort the map by variables or to a target trading pattern.

Finance Monitor - real time updates

US Stock and ETF maps update with a real time price during the trading day. Update the SP500 map and get a broad view of the market today in the context of the color pattern. Sort by percentage change today or over any time period.
Click here to open a case study or watch the video
  • Patented uxColor Data Visualization - Fast Knowledge

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Introduction to uxColor 

A powerful and unique new method to visualize numeric data. Patterns appear as flows in the color field.

About the Data 

Sources, sort variables, map contents - US and International equities and other asset types.


Getting Started and Key Controls 

A quick start and the key controls described - all you need to get started.

uxColor Operator's Guide 

All the features and functions in uxColor. An illustrated guide with step by step instructions.

Case Study Library 

uxColor in action - how to use uxColor features, market reviews and analysis, historical events.


Index to uxColor features and functions 

An index to all of the uxColor functions, articles on the website, and links to the Operator's Guide.

Product Features and Comparison 

A chart listing all the uxColor features, data catalogs, and comparing our products.

uxColor Pro 

Our professional version. All the uxColor functionality and our entire data catalog.

uxColor Monitor 

Our Monitor version. All the power except watchlists and technical indicators, less history than our Pro product.

uxColor Views 

Web launched uxColor maps. Less history and no update of the current day on demand.

uxColor Intraday 

An intraday history add-on to our uxColor and uxColor Monitor products.

uxColor Ticker 

uxColor's version of a ticker tape updates and rolls through the current day at 30 second intervals.

Discussion Boards 

Moderated by uxMarketFlow's development team. Give us your comments, talk with us about development.

Product News from our Lab 

Things in the works and our development plans.

Associates and Partner Firms 

An invitation to work with us as we develop our company, technology, and product lines.

uxMarketFlow On the Road 

Our schedule for conferences and conventions, local demonstrations, and webinars.

We are the inventors of uxColor Data Visualization

Using mathematics and color graphics, uxColor turns numbers into fields of color.
Patterns, trends, and outliers appear as flows in the color field, a new type of knowledge.
Time series or other numbers, the more data the more uxColor can help.
Our custom products link uxColor with a client's data from any source location.
Our finance products include data on multiple asset types and nations around the globe.

  • Data Sources

  • Interactive Data
uxColor - Making Trends and Patterns Clear

uxColor uses mathematics and color graphics to create the uxColor data space, a world where numeric data is seen as a field of colors. Patented uxColor data visualization makes trends obvious and patterns clear.

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